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When you think of God, what comes to mind? For some, the thoughts associated with God are awesome. Some people cringe or feel angry when they think of God. Some folks are scared or fear he is angry at them. Some people know that there IS a God, but feel confused as to who or what he is. And yet others haven’t thought much about God at all. There may not be any other topic in the world that has created such a variety of reactions from individuals across the globe… than the word GOD (also known as Allah, Adonai, HaShem, Elohim, and Jehovah, amongst other names).

So what brought you here? Whether you stumbled upon the site or searched specifically for straight answers about who God is and what he means to you, you are here now. I have been inspired by God to create this blog for you. The problem is, I, Sarah Strausbaugh, am not perfect. I am writing about a perfect, holy God of love, but bare with me as I am merely a human being who still screws up. (And there’s your first example! I just Googled “bare with me or bear with me” and apparently I’m already asking us all to get naked… whoops!) But chances are, with all due respect, you’re not perfect either. And that is OK.

In the posts throughout this blog, my desire is to share with you, the God that I have come to know… because he is One worth sharing with the world. My experiences with God have brought to me confidence, clarity, contentment, and joy. I am rarely afraid. And if I do fear, it doesn’t last long. Even on the days that “life sucks!” slips into my brain, I can quickly refocus and be at peace in the midst of disaster.  Right now my life is in the midst of a personal disaster, and I’ve questioned “who am I, to talk about God?”.  But that’s just it… it’s not about me.

Whatever you have believed about God, be open to putting your beliefs to the test.  Your life has been created for a great purpose.  Your dreams, desires, pains, cravings, fears, strengths, and weaknesses… they count for something.  YOU count for something!  Your past, no matter what it looks like, can be plugged into GOD’S AWESOME FUTURE, designed just for you!  It is the BEST future possible!  It is not easier, it is not without pain, it is not without heartache.  But it is filled with love and purpose and beauty and peace that every single one of us longs for.  We long for that, for a reason.  I invite you to Meet Your God.  I invite you to let go of religion, and discover God at the center of life.


To get started here, let me first share my core beliefs.

I BELIEVE… that the Holy Bible is God’s book to us. You can read 31 Reasons to Believe in the Bible starting with this first one. The fastest answer as to why I believe in the Bible is that it’s the oldest book in history, and it starts with how the world was created, and it explains why we have problems and why we have different religions.  Every argument set up against the Bible actually has a response within the pages of the Bible.  Scientists are making first-time discoveries today that the Bible explained thousands of years ago.  Literally every single thing on earth, from people’s behavior to science to money to growing crops properly, are found in the pages of the Bible.  The Creator of the earth and life has given us an instruction manual for earth and life, and it is very valuable.

I BELIEVE… that the Bible is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Nothing can be added to it or taken away from it.

I BELIEVE… that God has an enemy, the devil, named Satan.  The devil hates God and wants to destroy what God loves.  God loves US, so Satan attacks us.  Hold on a second!  Before you think about disregarding the possibility of a devil… ask yourself if you see evil in the world.

I BELIEVE… that some day I will die.  But that death on earth is only a passing on to be with my King, Jesus Christ.

I BELIEVE… that both “good deeds” and faith are important.  To believe in the Bible and then be passive in life is literally a sin.  At the same time, I am not perfect, will never be perfect, and cannot gain a ticket to heaven through good deeds without understanding that I need Jesus to be my Savior.  “Good deeds” is a term that I don’t even say.  If any good comes out of me at all, it is an outpouring of love that I feel from God.

I BELIEVE… that God uses imperfect people to do his perfect work, that I may never reach perfection, but that perfection should be the goal.  That is because life is a process… an opportunity to learn… to discover… and the best way to become “perfect” is to become educated and live out the things that we learn.


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